Our mantra is strategically focused creativity. The opposite of a brainwave.

We work with creative thinking and innovation as a process that ensures we relay one cohesive story across target groups, messages, and channels. This takes collaboration.

We believe collaboration is a core competence that is of equal importance as strategy and creativity.

Collaboration is hard work. But we are in it together. Fundamentally, collaboration is about a strategic point of departure. In this way we ensure we agree on the objective before we begin discussing the means.

Either you aim to sell more. Or to boost the price. Preferably both.

What drives your market? We work with TRAX®, a data-driven analysis that identifies the actual sales drivers. Contrary to what most people believe, almost all sales are driven by emotions.

We are a part of the North Alliance

The North Alliance (NoA) is a family comprised of leading Nordic agencies involved in communication, design and technology. The alliance’s ambition is to gather the best of the best people within their individual fields and give them the opportunity to collaborate.

As a customer of one business you have access to all of the competences in NoA through your key account manager. This is of critical importance to you as a customer.


& Co.
Adelgade 12, 4. floor
1304 Copenhagen K
Phone +45 3346 3300

Adm. Direktør / CEO
Ørnulf Johnsen

Group CEO The North Alliance
Mikael Jørgensen

Collaboration is hard work. But we are in it together.

Collaboration means we have a shared goal. This makes disagreements constructive.

Collaboration always produces a better result than the alternative.

& Co.
Adelgade 12, 4.sal
1304 København K
Telefon +45 3346 3300


Group CEO The North Alliance

Mikael Jørgensen

Email: mikael@andco.dk

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